Changing Ventrian Property Agent LightBox Buttons

A lot of Ventrian’s users missed the old look of the lightbox button where it used to be images and not the ugly text links like this:


The reason of the above ugliness is a result of localization enhancement. Well, compare to the lightbox used in other platforms like wordpress and joomla, majority of the people are adapted to the image version and the look above certainly will give a bad impression to your visitors….”it is site still under construction or something???”

The fix is actually simple.

All you need to do is to change the language resource file. For you convenience, I’ve packed the buttons and the resx file. All you need to do download the file from the link below, unzip it and put the file accordingly:

Upload the 3 images to
and replace the “ViewProperty.ascx.resx” in

Note: If you have previously localized your property agent from DNN, be warned that directly replace the file from FTP will override your other previous changes. You may open the new .resx file using a notepad, scroll to bottom to look for the changes and copy it to the DNN Language editor.

Have fun!