DotNetNuke Accessibility Skins

I have trouble find the right keyword to search for skins or templates that so called accessibility. If you have no idea what is it about, please visit the best accessibility website.

DotNetNuke Accessibility issues has been raised by few people in DotNetNuke forum and blog (Accessibility standards & xhtml compliance) before but none has taken seriously by the core developers. However, I’ve managed a old accessibility skin template made in 2006 from Think of Design which the skin and skin objects are no longer available for download.

Another website is selling accessibility skin template with a annoying moving panel on the right and a expensive price of USD$119.00.

I’m helping a client to make a website for free which need to be very friendly to disable person where half of the readership will have some sort of disability. I’ve to concern for the deaf, visual impaired, blind and so on. I found that dotnetnuke may not the a good choice as I found that none of the software are able to read the DotNetNuke Menu bar (DNNNAV) which I have to replace it using hardcoded link ro houseofmenu.

The main trouble I’ve ran into is the color switcher which seems that there are no ready made skin object for that and I can’t even find some JavaScript to do it. It seems that I’ve to write it myself which it is kinda time wasting as I’m not a programmer or so.

So, if you have or know where to get some free codes or skin objects or even some tutorials for color switcher, please kindly leave a comment below and I’ll be very grateful for you help! In return, I’ll certainly give this skin for free once it is done so that more websites will be accessible for the minority.