1. Very interesting – I’ve added this to my Skin ToDo list for – I really dislike the Login screen and it does get neglected as you say.

    I would like to see your screenshots and also it would be good to see an article evaluating different “pop-up” log in modules (like Digg does).

    Rodney – Connecting Poker Players

  2. Haha

    I’ll have it done on this weekend. Being busy and lazy this week.


  3. thanks
    but i feel i’m confused
    some url path i cann’t found it
    like this
    Register” “Forgot and Password” at

  4. The path should be correct. It may not start with /httpdocs/

    Inside the file, look for this:

    <_data name="cmdForgotPassword.Text" xml:space="preserve">
    <_value>Your preferred text.
    <_ /data>

  5. Aiyaya…it seems that this post was broken during the hosting migration. Thanks to Google Cache if not I wonder where can I restore this post behind restoring the database again…

    I’ll come out with an easier customization and jquery pop up login soon but may not bug free if using other modules that requires jquery like Ventrian modules.

    Thanks for spotting this problem out!


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