How to synchronize all computers around me???

I actually wanted to write on few topics which I’ve already in mind. Before I forget it, I’d better write it in here. The first one is a guide on how to customize the ugly layout of DotNetNuke Login page. The reason is damn simple: Don’t you think all DNN website login is so standardized ugly? The solution is really simple without having to spend a dime to buy a new login module as it probably won’t support latest Facebook Connect or maybe not even LiveID / OpenID login.

The second one will a talk about the new DNN Skin which I’m making…1% progress…and which I intended to give it for free…

The third one..omg I think I just forgot what is it…ohya…talking about how many computers there are in my house…guess what? My house has 5 DELL Inspiron notebooks which models start from ????, 4000, 5100, 5150 and 6400. 3 of them still running and the amazing thing is that the 4000 running in Pentium III actually still works fine and the start up speed actually fastest than my current 6400 notebook.

You see, the problem comes when I’m using so many devices (not that many as you do maybe) but I found hard to synchronize all the information stored in each device. For example, For the first and second topic that I wanted to blog about, unfortunately  all the prepared information is stored in the 6400 notebook which I currently use for work.

While the post to show off how many pcs there are in my house, I took all the shots using my Nokia N81 8GB Phone. Seems no problem on synchronization right? The problem is that I use Inspiron 5150 notebook at home because it has the finest monitor screen I have seen so far. No kidding, 13’ monitor with 1400 x 1280 resolution! That is why I always use it to watch movies even I have to use USB as Ethernet (LAN) connection to connect to internet. Yes! Even it is so slow (I mean 100mb needs 20minutes that kind of slow) to copy large video files from my brother’s pc and kena complaint by him. No choice man…I love this pc even the LAN port is spoiled…keyboard kina broken before (Just fixed it awhile ago by replaced it with my brother’s old 5100 Notebook keyboard…)

And finally comes to the phone. It has some connectivity problem since I installed don’t know which program into it. It keeps occupied the memory card which make me…kinda wtf wtf wtf and restart the phone before I can connect my notebook using CABLE! Yes, both of my notebooks don’t have Bluetooth installed. Yup…and we’re talking about 100MB 15minutes kind of slow…Did I mention that my notebook at home does not have wireless card?

It is like I have to turn on 3 computers before I can write something nicely…

Internet? Don’t you know that the Internet Connection provided by Telekom – Streamyx Malaysia is actually making you SCREAM MAX? Don’t even need to mention that the service call greetings is always: “Sorly” We’re facing huge technical failure in XXX areas. I called every few days and recorded it…you can find different version of the streamyx failure greetings all over Youtube by other users too. (I’m composing it to a song….)

Ok…That’s it. Just to make this post a bit….picturized: Here’s the 00 Gundam must have scene in every episode…GUN POINTING!