Best Free JavaScript and CSS Compressor to Optimized your Website.

If you are digging into DotNetNuke website optimization, I’m sure you have been struggling on it. It’s not easy to optimize all the JavaScript and CSS in robust web application like DotNetNuke. If you’re a heavy users and afford to pay for solution, then the simplest way is to buy all in one compressor like Snapsis PageBlaster Pro to merge and compress all JavaScripts. However, this is not always the solution if you have other modules and setting in your DNN. Most of the time merging the DNN Core JS will result in break functionality to you web portal.

From my past experience, it is better not to touch the DNN JavaScript unless you know what are you doing. Thus the best practice is to compress the JavaScript and CSS into a smaller files. There are a lot of compression tools and those free only most of the time is outdated and not error proof to your script.

Thus, the best way is to copy a compressed script that already tested in the browser! First you need to have FireFox web Browser, then you will need to install FireBug and Google Page Speed Analyzer plugin.

Yup, it’s from Google! Having confidence now? Now fire up your PageSpeed on the webpage that have the JS loaded and expand the JS node from it:


Click on the minified version link and you will be able to download the minified version of JavaScript, replace it with your original JS file and you will have a 100% safe and Free Compressed JS, Hooray!