How to connect MySQL Administrator Tool with Server Side MySQL

I’m a PHP & MySQL Beginner. Normally when i start to build an application, i will choose to code a store and retrieve function. This will help me more easy to understand the new programming language.

So i search around google and found that i can connect MySQL with MySQL Administrator Tool.

You can download from here: MySQL Administrator Tool

Although i can find a lot guide from Google, how to connect database with MySQL Administrator, but i still lost on it. After try out few times, i found that i need to add my IP Address to MySQL Database Host.

Step by Step to add your IP Address to Database Host:

1. Login Linux Server.
2. Choose your Domain.
3. Choose MySQL Management.
4. Choose Your Database.
5. You will see a “Access Host” below User Table.
6. Search your IP Adress, and add it.
7. Now connect you can connect your server side MySQL  with MySQL Administrator Tool.
8. Server Host: Domain Name, Port: 3306