Sharp sound from CRT monitor – Quick Fix to the problem!

Having a noisy CRT monitor? After the Windows updates around October 2010, Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista and even XP is supporting higher range of monitor refresh rates which up to 120 hertz to support new type of monitors.

CRT monitor high pitch sound Solution

While traditional CRT monitors are still able to support refresh rate up to 85Hz but most likely you will hear a non-stop annoying sharp sound from your monitor….unless you have a bad hearing problem like my colleague 😛

I bet this is the trick done by Microsoft who tied up with monitor and graphic card manufacturers…(Actually Microsoft does produce its own graphic card…) to trick people to think that their monitor is spoiled and time to go for a better one…

Anyway, this is the quick fix:

Windows XP users

  1. Right Click on the blank area of your screen and select “Properties” option.
  2. Select “Setting” tab.
  3. Click on “Advance” button.
  4. Select “Monitor” tab.
  5. Look for “Screen Refresh Rate” and change the option back to 60 Hertz.
  6. Click OK and you will have the sound gone.

Windows Vista and 7: Although I don’t think any of these OS users are still using CRT monitor…you can fix that by:

  1. Hit Windows Start Icon (Bottom Left)
  2. type “Display Setting” in the search box.
  3. Hit “Display Properties” in the search result.
  4. Look for “Monitor” options and change the refresh rate back to 60Hz.

Seems CRT Monitors can rules another 10 years 😛