The New Hotmail–Outlook, the shadow of Google Apps

It’s been more than a month since the birth of Still a long way for Microsoft to catch up but the Cloud communication market is getting more exciting after the long domination of Google Apps and Gmail., similar to Gmail, offers Office Web Apps to users for free. It’s a great way to attract and education (perhaps brainwash the young generation) to use cloud platform for works.

Microsoft has been using many phycology technic to pursuit the users and they have done it smartly sometimes but certainly not all the time.

Being a heavy cloud users for years, I received many complaints of the shortcomings of Google Docs. It is undeniable that MS Office has the best word and data processing capabilities (that most of us don’t even know it exists), yet it is certainly unfair to compare Google Docs (Cloud) with MS Office (Local Drive).

Now, with the free version of Office Web Apps, users can make a fair comparison now. One of the most request feature in Google Docs is the ‘Document’ (Words) is table cell merging. Guess what? Words Web Apps can’t do it too!


Google Docs or Drive is at least 4 years advanced in cloud data processing technology and the above problem along with tons of others ‘demands’ are mainly due to the current technology boundaries, that HTML 5 can’t even really solve it. (In fact, the copyright is with Adobe, if you want a table cell merging).

We have to give a fair chance and view to, at least the monster now is catching up and going what is proven working by Google. Interesting and does catches my eye balls but that is, no further action from me. Do you like