Big year for/of Google Apps

When I first started my business 7 years ago, I never imagine that Google Apps will become a major part of my business. Back to that age, I was looking for cheap and reliable email solution for my web portal business. Google was well-known for its search engine but definitely not email, Gmail was just about hitting 10 million users. Google Apps, a cloud email solution was introduced in the right time.

I was so interested in the business model of Google Apps (for reseller) rather than what it actually delivers. As an internet marketer, I strongly believed in Google’s model where it take cares of all the technical support in the back-end and leaves the front-line services to us.

We’re the very first few authorized resellers that is signed up in early stage of introduction. It took us few years before we’re able to define our own market strategy and start capturing our own market segment in Malaysia. It’s not easy, especially on the pricing.

Price is always the biggest constraint that stop most of our prospects to upgrade their email system. 2012 is the year where most of the companies email system became so obsolete and they have no choice but to look for a betterĀ  solutions. I’m not surprised at all when Google announced the retirement of free edition.

At first, I believe that is the price that stop business to upgrade their email system. After deep investigation and questioning customers, we found out another story. Put it this way, Google Apps for business cost less than 50 cents (MYR)/day, mobile phone 3G costs RM2-3/day and Astro TV Channel costs RM1/day.

We found out that the #1 reason of course. Big surprise.

Are you bind to your current email system?

Your current email contract still long before expire.

You have no idea or afraid to move all of your users’ existing emails to new server / service.

The current system / server is to old or buggy to do upgrade or migration.

It involves to many parties / persons in the company or afraid of the noises from the users.

I totally feel the pain of most businesses having now.
It is not that you don’t want to change their email system to a better and cheaper one.
It’s just too headache to even think about it.

Let me help you to solve all these problems. All I need a little bit of your time to talk with me, let me understand your problems and requirements.

It’s my passion to help businesses to move their business online when I first started my business. Email is the earliest form and yet not obsolete in Internet marketing. Today, I will help you to go Google, with a reliable partner who help you to go beyond.

George Lew

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