Time to move on! Are you afraid of Cloud Working Environment?

Writing this post definitely pissed off many. Just like every YouTube videos will have haters. This is how the world works.

When comes to changes, everyone will have a hold-back to some extends, the reluctance to a new thing is very common. Yet, sometimes it is very contradictory.

Change Resistance

You see, the invention of Automatic gearbox has been more than 50 years and yet there are die hard people who only drive manual gear car. Just the ratio between auto and manual is getting larger everyday.

I can give you tons of examples: keyless car, button vs touch screen, online banking vs phone / counter…

In this case, Google Apps or better describe it as Cloud versus Desktop.

Evolution is happening so fast in technology. You can argue with me that Evolution doesn’t always lead to better thing, BUT it is an ‘improvement’ to the current state of living for sure.

If you have the chance to drive a better car, says Audi made car, would you still drive a Proton made car? (If you never heard of the name Proton, it is a Malaysian made car.)

Whenever Facebook made a design modification or introduced a new feature, sure there will be tons of oppositions. Surprisingly, based on the past cases, the result proven that those people who against the changes eventually like the changes!

It’s a natural human reflection whenever there’s thing to drive them out of their comfort zone. And I tell you, staying in a comfort zone is very dangerous, especially if you’re in a very competitive industry.

Learning Curve

Is your business model remain unchanged for the past 5 years? Have you heard of how Ericson, Motorola, Nokia disappeared from the market? maybe Blackberry soon.

I’m not trying to say how good Google or Google Apps is in this post. I’m just trying to tell you thing do change, just like you are suffering from upgrading your Microsoft Office from 2003 to 2007, to 2010, to 2013 and more to come. Not sure if you suffered in the age of Windows Vista? or the Windows 8 now?

Would you prefer small changes over the time which all you to learn and adapt easily or an almost start-over every 3-5 years?

You see, that’s the beauty of Cloud. Changes comes in small and fast, so that you can get the latest tech advantage to your business, the cost? Mostly 5-10 minutes to learn it in the case of Google Apps. The learning curve is just near flat compares to upgrading your Outlook from 2003, 2007 to 2013.

Cutting the Pain

There will be pain. Most people get through it and some don’t. You can takes some pain killers to drag the race, but your business won’t stay competitive for so long.

Email is the foundation of Internet Business and now the real time work collaboration, data sharing and transaction are the things that will help you improve your work efficiency, reduce cost and change the game rules. I called this Cloud Working Environment.

If you look at the desktop PC sales volume trends and compares it to tablets and smart phone, you will know working on a desktop PC which requires you to a lot of OEM softwares which bind to the particular PC is not the way to go.

You just need to plug your smart phone to your monitor and keyboard to work. Have a look at ChromeCast and Google Apps for business.
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Welcome to the Cloud.