Your Email as in Internet Brand, Identity and Control

Often business owners asked me why do they need to to pay to use Google Apps for Work while they can use consumer version of Gmail for free? I would answer the question in 3 perspectives: Brand, Identity and Control. Email as a Brand 1. Every businesses has a name. A successful brand appears to […]

Google Apps Sync for Outlook Stayed Offline

Recently, our client switched to Google Apps and part of their users stayed in Outlook 2003 with the Google Apps Sync for Outlook installed. During the later stage of the data migration, their office Internet network is upgraded to faster broadband. After the network upgrade, the Google Apps Profile in the Outlook stayed in Offline […]

How to backup and export Google Apps / Gmail Email and Data.

Not long ago, Google Apps and Gmail users have to rely on third party tools to download their data. Finally, now you can backup everything locally! 1. Go to your Google Account Page – 2. Select Data Tools – 3.  Download Data – 4. Check the Apps that you wish to archive […]

Malaysia PDPA and Your Email System.

So PDPA or Personal Data Protection Act 2010 is finally fully enforced this year in Malaysia. There are a lot of consultants out there waiting you to spend some decent money on the consultation. If you can afford the spending, it is always good. But the problem comes after the consultation, so far the Law […]

How to get your email secured from unwanted threats

For all the years that I’ve been selling Google Apps, I should have foreseen client email account being hi-jack. The thing is, the problem is not with Google Apps but the behavior of the customer. In this post, I’m going to tell a thing or two about email security which you should know and practice. […]

Time to move on! Are you afraid of Cloud Working Environment?

Writing this post definitely pissed off many. Just like every YouTube videos will have haters. This is how the world works. When comes to changes, everyone will have a hold-back to some extends, the reluctance to a new thing is very common. Yet, sometimes it is very contradictory. Change Resistance You see, the invention of […]

Turn back On Windows 8 Wifi – 100% works

So your Windows 8 Wifi is turned off? and cannot turn back on? Feel free to skip the opening for the Windows 8 Wifi solution, the first few paragraphs are for my rants and Search engine. How unfortunate! Well, you’re lucky enough if you are able to read this post to get the absolute solution […]

Review on Google Apps for Business in Malaysia market

Google Apps has been introduced to Malaysian for more than 5 years and it is starting to gain its popularity in year 2012. There are not many authorized reseller in Malaysia especially those who equipped with skills and knowledge to perform large deployments. Being one of the authorized reseller in Malaysia, I understand all those […]