It’s been awhile again…

2 months plus…it’s so fast. A lot of things have been changed, keep making sure not running out from the track, yet it never been easy to do so. I’ll try to post more useful information on DotNetNuke and other stuff maybe… This is just a post saying that both the blog and I are […]

Moved to New Server.

Due to the slow Internet Connection to oversea websites and servers, I’ve switched back to Malaysia Server. The speed boost up but I guess most of my readers from western countries will suffer from the slow loading speed and most of the link may not work as the DNS propagation is still in progress. The […]

How to synchronize all computers around me???

I actually wanted to write on few topics which I’ve already in mind. Before I forget it, I’d better write it in here. The first one is a guide on how to customize the ugly layout of DotNetNuke Login page. The reason is damn simple: Don’t you think all DNN website login is so standardized […]

Happy Valentine’s Day 2009

Something wrong with my stomach this whole morning since I’ve woke up. How’s your Valentine’s day? Any surprises? Just another day for me. I’ve finally migrated all the blogs’ post to here and now this blog will continue to update as frequently as before. I’ve added 2 plugins into my Windows Live Write. This first […]

MyLifeBBS is back on life? Maybe for now.

This domain actually has been long abandon due to my laziness and Malaysia Network connection speed to US server (Yup, this blog is hosted in US server). Sooner and later I will merge all my blogs from different places that also kinda long abandon together and import to this blog (Mostly from There’s nothing […]

Boycott McDonald?

Yesterday I bought prosperity double burger in McDonald drive-thru somewhere in Pandan Indah. And guess what? I got this piece of paper from the window girl: Notice from McDonald’s Malaysia. Apparently this is regarding the Israel issue which has been quite a hot topic in our Malay community. This note in printed in fancy thick […]

Am I too pressured? Part 2

I guess so. Having a personal blog is hard especially when you know somebody you know is going to see it one day. It might be your friends, partner, family, clients, or worst: your boss/future boss. It is hard to rant on the Internet without exposing yourself. It would be totally meaningless if I stay […]

Shouldn’t I write something?

Whole CNY is kinda busy. What an excuses right? haha. No matter how, persistence has to be there. Getting out from the captivity of negativity. The coldest winter have arrived, the spring is not far from now.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today I’m gonna to continue rant all the things that looks no good in my eyes. After using Windows 7 about 1 week, I found that it is very stable, smooth and fast! I like it but the sad thing is that I already have Windows XP Pro and I definitely won’t go for it […]