Another SEO trimming tools for lazy people.

Well, found this new SEO trimming website just now. A good start if you don’t have time or knowledge about SEO. Just to remind you, Content always comes first. Don’t waste too much time on the SEO, spend more time on writings. Here’s the link: According to them, all outbound link must put into […]

A summary of PageRank Building Points.

The following content mostly adopted from which most of the people doesn’t know about it: In addition to considering the number of links to your page and the ranking of the linking page, to compute a page’s PageRank, Google considers hundreds of factors including how fast a site is gaining links how long the […]

You don’t sell in MLM, you buy it.

If you are a member of any multi level marketing program, you will know that you do not sell your products to your prospects, you ask them to buy from you. I’m not sure if you can understand the difference behind it or not. You see, if you sell a product to customer, there will […]