Richest Blogger in Malaysia 2009.

Who is the richest blogger in Malaysia? Definitely not Kenny Sia, not LiewCF, JeffOii, etc etc. Because non of them can make more than RM 3000 per day (UDS 850). So who is the richest blogger in Malaysia? It is our ex prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir. Sometimes, I wonder if blogging is a […]

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bits Laptop Reviews

Few days ago I was in Malaysia MSDN conference which held in KLCC. There’s nothing much about the conference besides getting a lot of latest Microsoft products updates from their experts and free stuffs like Windows 7 DVD, MSSQL 2008 cds, dummy books, t-shirt, stickers etc. (There’s not picture in this entry as my camera […]

Delay of Post

I’ve been busying on some works that put aside for a long time. Now have to settle it all before new year. JC’s PC need to be fixed due the network connection failure. It seems that after all, Ubuntu can’t achieve industry standard. It’s hard to use it in production or commercial usage. The network […]